A Treehouse in Tivoli

A Tibetan bridge, two oaks, a beautiful location, a professional-specialized Treehouse company…the best “ingredients” for a treehouse!

This treehouse is in Tivoli, Italy, and was realized by Sullalbero, a magnificent company in Italy.
From a terrace placed on an oak, where you can see the surrounding landscape, you can reach the treeheouse by a Tibetan Bridge, that links the terrace with the treehouse, giving you the sense of playing and adventure.

The treehouse is a small and tiny one with all the comforts you need. A small place to sip a tea with other three friends and three benches that you can easily transform in three small beds with a mattress.

All the building interiors are made of wood, everything is natural and in respect of nature and trees.

More pics in the gallery below.

Pics and video by Sullalbero. All rights reserved.


  1. Giovanna Romano

    È possibile sapere conoscere la disponibilità dal 29 ott al 1 nov e i prezzi delle strutture?
    Grazie mille

    • hometreehome

      Non saprei darle ulteriori indicazioni. Purtroppo non ho informazioni se la casa sull’albero a Tivoli è privata o se viene affittata.
      Grazie per il suo commento 🙂

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