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Skateboarding and Nature as all the sports that you can do at the open-air in direct contact with nature make you feel always good. I love snowboarding and I also love skateboarding and at the same time I love treehouses, otherwise I wouldn’t have a blog about them! ehehhe
And every time that I read a story about people who conciliate these passions together I’m happy.A restless translplant7

This long preface, was just to introduce the story of Foster Huntigton, an American photographer, who one day decided to leave his job in New York City to follow his dream of freedom. He started living on a camper and moving every day in a differ place, far away from the comforts of the city and in direct contact with nature.
“I feel like it’s important to live in a place that’s really inspiring to live and in this day and age of the internet you can kind of work from wherever”. Foster Huntigton
After 3 years he decided that was time to have a home base, “I really liked living in a small space, like in my camper, and a treehouse kind of seemed like a good evolution of it”. Foster Huntigton

From that time he started building his treehouse with the help of some friends. The project developed and at the end they built two treehouses each of 220 square feet and a bowl to skate on the floor! As he said: “The skate bowl was always part of the plan, I’ve always been a skater”. Foster Huntigton
Living in a small space “forces you to spend most of your time outside doing stuff. Skating the bowl or whatever”. Foster HuntigtonA restless translplant1

I wish that this will be a positive example that will be followed from a lot of people. Living in contact with nature and enjoy your passions with it!

It’s just about being inspired by what’s around you. That’s what the treehouses are about to me”. Foster Huntigton

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A Restless Transplant

More pics in the gallery below.


Pics by: A Restless Transplant

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